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Not to Get Pushy But Did You Know Every TigerStop Can Be Used As a Push-Feed System?

Regardless of whether your business requires thousands of precise cuts for hundreds of industrial-scale projects per day or you’re simply using it for an occasional exacting cut here and there, your automated saw really needs a push-feed system.

The simple fact is that wasted material means wasted money, not to mention wasted time. You have a limited amount of both, and for most businesses, staying under budget is a crucial aspect of success. That’s why ensuring that your automated saw or other shop instrument can do its work with exacting precision, while still maintaining an incredible speed, is a must for survival in the competitive world manufacturing industry.

The designers behind TigerStop are well aware of this, and that’s why we equip every one of our products with a push-feed system.

What Is a Push-Feed System?

When it comes to cutting and drilling material for industrial projects, precision is key. Even a small amount of variation in cuts can render large amounts of material worthless. Nevertheless, many businesses still rely on making these cuts by pushing the material through their automated saw or other instrument by hand. This either means spending additional time and effort carefully measuring out every single cut or accepting some waste (and sometimes even carefully measuring isn’t enough to prevent waste anyway).

A push-feed system eliminates this problem. A manufacturer can simply type in the exact measurements required and then let the machine handle the rest of the work on its own. Every model of TigerStop products has the ability to not only push but pull and otherwise position material based on the desired specifications. Different models can be chosen based on the specific needs of the project. Some of the heavier-duty models can even move up to 2,500 pounds of material at the time.

TigerRackTigerStop TigerRack push feed system.

Our first example of a TigerStop product that makes use of a push-feed system, the TigerRack excels at handling medium-sized quantities—up to 720 pounds. Like all of the products in the TigerStop line, this automated pusher boasts incredible precision, with a staggering +/- 0.008-inch accuracy.

This particular pusher makes use of a pinion style and completely eliminates set-up time from the manufacturing process. No more time needs to be spent with measuring tapes, clamps, or manual stop blocks. It does more than simply cut as well. It can also drill and punch parts, meaning that manufacturing speed can be increased exponentially.

TigerTurboTigerStop TigerTurbo push feed system.

Take your manufacturing to the next level with TigerTurbo, which is rated to move up to 840 pounds on its roller tables. Like other TigerStop products, the TigerTurbo comes with a minimal learning curve. It doesn’t take an expert to operate this kind of machinery. Unskilled operators can be trained to start working within ten minutes. If more information is required, there are also training videos available online.

As is the case with other TigerStop products, this automated saw system can be upgraded with Dynamic Optimization software. This optional, but incredibly useful, upgrade uses computerized mathematical calculations to determine the order in which to process parts. This goes even further to minimize waste and maximize efficiency while also avoiding the need for complicated and expensive training. The operator simply enters a cut list into the machine and presses the “done” button.
The Dynamic Optimization software then does the rest of the work, determining which part to cut first in order to minimize waste. The cuts are made, and then the next task can begin. Dynamic Optimization software can also be programmed to find the best yield of material with defects. It can remove forklift stabs, blemishes, and shipping damage with ease.

HeavyDuty 2TigerStop HeavyDuty 2 push feed system.

For extremely heavy-duty projects, the HeavyDuty 2 is what you need to get the job done. Utilizing roller tables, the push-feed system can move up to 2,100 pounds of material and perform cuts within seconds. It can be attached to nearly any machine tool, not just a saw. Shears, punches, and presses can also benefit from the maximized efficiency that this instrument provides.

TigerTouch technology allows manufacturers to download and store an unlimited number of cut lists, meaning that there’s no more time wasted with setup. If you have an ongoing project that requires repeated cuts, simply press a few buttons each time you wish to get it started. You can also use the Flooring Optimization system to cut lengths of flooring to pre-set packaging lengths, once again rendering an otherwise monumental task easier than ever.

Take Push Feeding to the Next LevelTigerStop push feed system optimization software.

We’ve mentioned just a few examples of TigerStop products that utilize a push-feed system to make short work of tasks that were formerly insurmountable. It doesn’t stop there, however. TigerStop products further improve safety and productivity with the pre-installed Standard Interconnect Kit (SIK). This semi-automates the entire process, preventing your machine from cycling while the TigerStop is in motion and preventing the TigerStop from moving while the machine is cycling. It then automatically advances the material into the next position, saving the operator the need to press the start button every time.

If you wish to take your TigerStop even further, you can also opt to have an Advanced Interconnect Kit (AIK) installed. While all TigerStop products are semi-automatic, this allows you to fully automate the process and truly take advantage of advanced modern technology for maximum effect.

The AIK coordinates your machine tool and TigerStop system on a level never before imagined through the use of precisely coordinated magnetic sensors. Of course, the designers at TigerStop have made safety their absolute first priority, which means that the system will shut down if the sensors are not being triggered in the correct order. Despite the advanced level of automation that AIK provides, all operators will of course still need to make safety their absolute priority as well.

Contact TigerStop if you have any further questions about these advanced systems and which one is best for your needs.