Auf dem neuesten Stand.  Sie finden unsere Produkte bei der Arbeit in Fertigungsstätten rund um den Globus. Bis heute haben wir mehr als 40.000  TigerStop Anschlag und Positioniersysteme verkauft und die Zahl wächst.

Wir haben unsere eigenen Fertigungsstätten in USA und Europa, Vertriebspartner auf der ganzen Welt und technische Unterstützung in Ihre Nähe. Zweimal Messen und einmal Schneiden wurde eine Sache der Vergangenheit, und machen weiter mit intensive Forschung- und Entwicklungsarbeit mit dem alles begonnen hat. Wir haben jetzt mehr als 100 Patente erhalten oder angemeldete unseren Namen. Wir wissen, was gebraucht wird, schnell, präzise und zuverlässig zu bleiben.

Empowering Local Manufacturers to be Globally Competitive

TigerStop’s Mission is to empower local manufacturers to be globally competitive. We do that on four core fronts:

1. Creating innovative technologies around unmet needs that provide unparalleled performance and value.

2. Developing products and processes that minimize environmental impact and make the best use of resources.

3. Educating both ourselves and local manufacturers in best practices to grow successful, sustainable businesses.

4. Build a community making automation flexible and easily implementable for manufacturers so they can succeed in the global marketplace.


Core Values

  • The Golden Rule
  • Integrity
  • Community
  • People
  • Passion
  • Curiosity
  • Diversity

About TigerStop

TigerStop products help optimize and improve the accuracy of all lineal processes. Add-on products easily and affordably integrate with existing equipment, while TigerStop’s fully integrated systems provide a turn-key material processing and positioning solution.

TigerStop was founded in 1994 by Spencer Dick, who, as the owner of a thriving manufacturing business, became frustrated with the inherent inefficiencies of his machine operators stopping to reset and recalibrate whenever they were cutting or processing material to various lengths. Spencer also noticed that regardless of how carefully material was measured, the end results were always of slightly different dimensions. He founded TigerStop to automate cutting, boring, punching, and machining processes so that fast and accurate parts, whether wood, metal, or plastic, would result each and every time.

TigerStop has since become a global leader in automated stop/gauge and pusher systems under the TigerStop and SawGear brand names. Headquartered in Washington State, TigerStop is a U.S. manufacturer with a second manufacturing and distribution facility in Wierden, Netherlands, a distribution network spanning six continents, and product support in five languages.