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Not to Get Pushy But Did You Know Every TigerStop Can Be Used As a Push-Feed System?

Regardless of whether your business requires thousands of precise cuts for hundreds of industrial-scale projects per day or you’re simply using it for an occasional exacting cut here and there, your automated saw really needs a push-feed system. The simple fact is that wasted material means wasted money, not to mention wasted time. You have […]

Common Error Codes

The most common error codes you may find are the following: FixDM: Saw not safe: This error code means your tool at rest sensor/limit switch is not being properly seen as it should be when the tool is at rest This can be either an issue with how the sensor is mounted, or an issue […]

What Are the Indexes For Printer Selection?

Printer Selection Indexes These numerical designations are used for selecting the Printer Type via serial communication or Amp Printer setup within the TigerTouch Options Menu 0             NONE 1             ELTRON 2             ZEBRA 2 3             ZEBRA 4 4             ZEBRA 4-2 5              INKJET 6             TRIGGER 7             NONE 8             1in Wide […]