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Do You Want More Accuracy & Productivity?

Do you want less scrap waste? Less rework? Less hiring headaches? Do you want more money and happier customers?

TigerStop is the Solution

These problems are universal, and TigerStop is the answer. Simple, yet sophisticated machinery and software solutions made for big and small manufacturers, fabricators, and contractors, around the globe. With our products you’ll be fast and accurate… every time.

See Our Solutions

Position Yourself for Success

TigerStop products push, pull, and position material to perfection, so you don’t have to.

  • Zero Set Up Time Zero Set Up Time
  • Increased Productivity Increased Productivity
  • 100% Accuracy 100% Accuracy
  • Improved Yields Improved Yields
  • No More Rework No More Rework
  • Easy to Use Easy to Use


Machinery, tables, software, & accessories to give you a competitive edge. Position yourself for success.

TigerSPC™ product from TigerStop™

TigerSPC is a statistical process control caliper set designed to make quality control measurements...

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TigerFence™ product from TigerStop™

TigerFence brings speed, precision, and productivity to your table saw. It adds automation that...

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SawGear™ product from TigerStop™

SawGear is a simple and intuitive automated stop (not designed to push feed) that...

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TigerStop®can push, pull and position material up to 180 lbs. Turn your existing manual...

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TigerRack™ product from TigerStop™

TigerRack™ can push, pull, and position material up to 720 lbs. This rack and...

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TigerTurbo™ product from TigerStop™

TigerTurbo can push, pull, and position up to 840 lbs. This high speed automatic...

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HeavyDuty2™ product from TigerStop™
HeavyDuty 2™

HeavyDuty 2 can push, pull, and position up to 2,100 lbs of your heaviest...

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TigerSaw1000™ product from TigerStop™
TigerSaw 1000™

TigerSaw 1000™ is a fully auto optimizing & push feeding saw system for fast...

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TigerSaw2000™ product from TigerStop™
TigerSaw 2000™

TigerSaw 2000™ is a fully automatic push feeding saw system for fast and accurate...

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TigerSawMiter™ product from TigerStop™
TigerSaw MiterXL™

TigerSaw MiterXL™ is the NEW & BIGGER fully auto push-feed saw system for mitering...

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TigerSawMiter™ product from TigerStop™
TigerSaw Miter™

TigerSaw Miter™ is a fully automatic push-feed upcut saw system for cutting miter angles...

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Autoloader™ product from TigerStop™

TigerStop’s AutoLoader is an Automatic Infeed Station that greatly increases the efficiency of your...

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Make Money, Not Scrap

Quality control starts with TigerStop. Measure right the first time and everything else will fall into place.

Build Your Own

It All Starts With Simple

We designed our products so that operators of any background or skill level could learn to use a TigerStop in minutes. We believe that the more productive, accurate, and profitable manufacturers and fabricators are, the stronger our local communities will be.

Hear Our Mission


From local makers, manufacturers, contractors, fabricators, woodworkers, and aerospace engineers, we know your business depends on your operators being able to be fast and accurate… every time.

Aerospace Industry- TigerStop™
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Automotive Industry- TigerStop™
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Cabinetry Industry- TigerStop™
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Construction Industry - TigerStop™
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Fabrication & Job Shop
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Millwork, Molding & Flooring Industry
Millwork, Molding, & Flooring
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Palate Manufacturing Industry
Pallet & Crate Manufacturing
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Rail Car & Locomotive Industry
Rail Car & Locomotive
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Freight and Marine Industry- TigerStop™
Freight and Marine
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MEP/HVAC Industry - TigerStop™
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Signs & Frames Industry - TigerStop™
Signs & Frames
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Furniture Industry- TigerStop™
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Fenestration + Curtain Wall
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Manufacturing’s Best Kept Secret

It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-man shop or a fortune 500 factory. TigerStop has a quality control solution for you that will pay for itself in no time flat.

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