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Retract is a global parameter applied to all push feed and pattern part lists, as well as manual movements.

To run a particular list without Retract, you must set the value of Retract to 0.000".

arrow-R-teal.jpg Moving TOWARDS the tool

After moving to any cut length position, the stop will retract by the value of this parameter before asserting the tool enable signal and coming to a full rest. After the cut has been made, the stop will return to the original cut position before moving on.

arrow-R-teal.jpg Moving AWAY from the tool

The stop will not retract until the tool is cycled. Once the tool initiates its cycle (DM is off), the stop retracts by the value of this parameter. Once the tool has returned to a safe position (DM is on), the operator must press [START] to move the stop to the next position or return to the retract offset position.

Set point part lists are NOT affected by this parameter. Changed to include set point on version 5.03.


  1. To change the length of the retract, enter the desired length.

  2. Press OK-50.jpg to save it and advance to the next parameter, Retract Offset, or…

  3. Press [D] to save selection and exit to the Ready Screen.

arrow-R-teal.jpg Retract is DISABLED if TigerStop is NOT used with an interconnect.

arrow-R-teal.jpg Default retract value of 0.000" turns this parameter OFF.

Minimum retract value is 0.000". Maximum retract value is 20.000".

arrow-R-red.jpgApplication: Metal tube bending processes