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Outfeed is a global parameter applied to all push feed and pattern part lists.

After the last cut on a board, the pusher will move out to this position. Normally, this should be a negative value greater than the minimum limit, which will push the rest of the material past the saw guard. An outfeed setting outside the min-max limits results in no movement of the stop.

Set point part lists are NOT affected by this parameter.


  1. To change the length of the outfeed, enter the desired length.

  2. Press OK-50.jpg to save it and advance to the next parameter, Backoff, or…

  3. Press [D] to save selection and exit to the Ready Screen.

Default outfeed value of 0.000" cannot be changed on TigerFence and TigerCrossCut.

Default outfeed value of 0.000" turns this parameter OFF.

Minimum outfeed value is -999.900". Maximum outfeed value is 999.900".