Electronics Troubleshooting

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Eliminating System Noise

When using a TigerStop interconnect kit (AIK or SIK), problems may develop from system noise causing unexpected behaviors by the TigerStop machine.


Solenoids attached to the system are generally the prime suspect when system noise seems to be causing a problem within the TigerStop-interconnect system. When a solenoid coil de-energizes, the collapsing magnetic field induces a voltage spike in the wiring. This transient voltage can be inducted to unrelated circuit wiring, causing odd behavior in the system, or even catastrophic failure.


Avoid routing data-carrying wires, such as the AIK sensor wires, in parallel with wire carrying power, such as the power wires for a solenoid. The farther apart the two sets of wires are, the better. If it is necessary to run power wires in close proximity to data-carrying wires, the wiring should cross perpendicularly to each other, never in parallel.


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Installing a Snubber

Depending on the system integration between a tool, such as a saw, and the interconnect, there is a risk of damage to the TigerStop amplifier, from the AIK or SIK output being connected to an inductive load.


When the magnetic field on the solenoid or other relay collapses, an EMF pulse is generated and transmitted back to the TigerStop amplifier, where the U16 outputs are damaged.


The use of an RC snubber circuit will greatly reduce the potential risk of catastrophic failure of the TigerStop amplifier.


Fig. 3

Snubbers are often used in electrical systems with an inductive load where the sudden interruption of current flow would lead to a sharp rise in voltage across the device that created the interruption.

This sharp rise in voltage might lead to a transient or permanent failure of the controlling device. The preferred configuration is to connect the snubber across the coil of the load (Fig. 3).


Connecting the AIK to an inductive load and failing to connect a snubber device can result in amplifier damage and/or failure and will not be covered under the TigerStop Warranty.

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