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Built Metal Tough
Retrofit you existing slider and table saw
All adjustments are done from one side of the table
No need to manually set and reset the fence
Legendary TigerStop durability comes with a Full One-Year Warranty

Cut More, Walk Less

How much time are you losing walking around your slider, setting and re-setting the fence? Most users see up to 30% more productivity out of their saw every day. TigerFence & CrossCut where designed with screw drives and precision linear bearings ensuring a rigid and dead accurate position, first time...every time.

Accuracy:Capacity:Max Length: .003 in .07 mm 4.25 ft 1.29 meters

TigerFence and TigerCrossCut

TigerStop Application Guide

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TigerTouch Brochure

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TigerFence Installation Guide V5-5.50

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TigerFence/TigerCrossCut Brochure [Wood]

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TigerStop Catalog [Metal]

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TigerStop Users Guide Version 5.00 - 5.51

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TigerStop V5.00 - 5.51 Quick Reference Cards

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TigerStop Catalog [Wood]

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Warranty Registration

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  • Power Requirement

    110 VAC @ 8 Amps, 50/60 Hz Isolated Circuit

  • Drive Type

    3/4 in Hi-Lead screw drive

  • Repeatable Accuracy

    .003 in (.07 mm)

  • Working Length

    4.25 ft (1.29 m)

  • Motor Type

    DC Servo with optical encoder

  • Warranty

    1 Year Bumper to Bumper

Available Accessories:
  • Protective cover for controller

    Protect your controller from debris, splashes, spills and other hazards. Perfect for harsh working environments.

Available Software:
  • TigerLink 6 Downloading Software

    TigerStop® has a suite of software options to fit your work flow. Send jobs from your design software to your TigerStop® with ease

  • TigerSET

    Control your TigerStop® with PC or PLC.

    TigerSet allows a PC or PLC to control TigerStop® using your own custom software application, with a simple and feature rich command set.

  • Dynamic Optimization and Nesting

    TigerStop®’s dynamic optimization™ will scan your part list and determine the best way to cut your parts to give you maximum use of your material, saving 33% material on average. Dynamic Optimization™ can be added to any TigerStop® when built or can be added as an upgrade at any time

  • Label Printers

    Thermal label printer

    Print length and quantity information for each part cut. You can also print custom part labels when used with the TigerLink 6 downloading software upgrade.

  • Barcode Scanner

    Control TigerStop with bar codes

    Send TigerStop to location, build parts lists and even download parts lists with a simple scan of a code 39 bar code.

  • Tablet PC Package

    TigerStop®'s tablet PC package turns your TigerStop into a touch screen workstation. Using the state of the art Surface Pro 3 tablet, your operators can put away their paper-crammed clipboards and get a new level of productivity and visibility. TigerStop®'s innovative touch screen software, TigerTouch, will give users a visual solution to the "paper chase".