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Built Metal Tough
Sets-up in minutes
Rugged construction
Anti-theft system makes unit worthless to a thief
1 Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty
Work with material up to 16 feet in length
Eliminate waste and rework

Power-Up Your Jobsite or Workshop

SawGear ® is a simple and intuitive automated stop. No more setting manual stops, which means you can produce more parts with increased accuracy. It easily attaches to your existing saw.

Accuracy:Capacity:Max Length: .008 in .20 mm 16 ft 9.1 meters


Simple and Intuitive Automation.

SawGear® is a highly portable automated saw fence that removes the need to set and adjust manual fences for length positioning and complex miter/angle cutting. Using SawGear® in place of manually setting stops allows the user to increase accuracy and productivity and decrease the amount of miss-cut “scrap” parts. For the first time, users can get automation in a small shop or jobsite environment.

With Crown+MiterPro™ software, SawGear® will easily calculate positions for angled or mitered parts. This makes manually nesting your angled parts a simple and math free process.

Any operator is your best operator with SawGear®!


  • Quickly comes to position with accuracy of +/-.008 in
  • Designed to be easily portable to the jobsite
  • Crown & Miter Pro software
  • Easy Miter buttons
  • Inches or Metric
  • Increment button
  • Four Languages (English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German)

Easily Cut and Install Crown Molding

DoubleMiter Pro™ provides an easy way to integrate your SawGear® with your double miter saw.  SawGear has Crown+MiterPro™ software that calculates part angles and lengths so the user doesn’t have to do complicated math.  This makes it easy for any operator to install crown molding with minimal training because the process is so much easier, and complete more crown molding jobs because SawGear® is much faster than the manual method.


Station Setup Made Easy

Setting up your machine to cut accurate parts is one of the most time consuming activities in your shop. SawGear® takes stop setup time down to 0 and keeps your operator making parts and making you money.

No more rework

With SawGear® you can forget inaccurate parts and rework. You get it right the first time!

Ahead of Schedule

Not only do you get a better quality job, your guys get more done in the same hours… every day.

Highly portable

SawGear is designed so you can throw it in your truck and take it to the jobsite with ease.

Simple to Use

SawGear® has been designed to be simple to use. Why spend weeks training operators when they can be cutting accurate parts with SawGear® today?

Benefit bullets

SawGear® adds value to the customer in 5 ways.

  • Improves material yield
  • Increases operator productivity
  • Eliminates rework
  • Is always accurate


SawGear® is an automated Stop.  Need to push, pull or position parts or download large cut lists – consider upgrading to a TigerStop®.

Introduction to SawGear

Don't Measure, Don't Mark - Just Cut. Portable, Job-site Rugged and Accurate to 1/128"; the SawGear cuts down job completion times up to 35%!

TigerStop Application Guide

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SawGear Installation and Users Guide

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SawGear Brochure [Metal]

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SawGear Quick Reference Card

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SawGear Brochure [Wood]

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TigerStop Catalog [Metal]

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TigerStop Catalog [Wood]

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Warranty Registration

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  • Power Requirement

    111 VAC @ 8 Amps, 50/60 Hz Isolated Circuit

  • Drive Type

    32mm Steel Reinforced Belt

  • Repeatable Accuracy

    .008 in (.20 mm)

  • Pushing/Load Capacity (no rollers)

    lbs ( kg)

  • Working Length

    16 ft (9.1 m)

  • Motor Type

    DC Servo with optical encoder

  • Warranty

    1 Year Bumper to Bumper

Available Accessories:
  • SawGear Table

    SawGear tables support your SawGear so you have a seamlessly accurate automatic length measurement system. You will now be able to do the job professionally, accurately and quickly the first time –not to mention the additional time saved during setup and tear-down. Available for in feed and out feed.

  • Double Miter Pro

    SawGear for double miter applications

    Provides an easy way to integrate SawGear with your double miter saw. Includes double miter pro bracket set, remote keypad and keypad stand.

  • Remote Keypad

    SawGear controls where you need them

    Mount SawGear controls anywhere that is convenient for your operator. Great for vertical panel saw applications.

  • Measuring Bar

    SawGear at the job site and at the office.

    One SawGear PowerHead can be transferred to many SawGear Measuring Bars. Have one Measuring Bar at the job site and one in your shop.

  • PowerHead

    Extra SawGear PowerHead

    SawGear PowerHeads are designed to be portable and can be transported just about anywhere. Why not have 2?

  • Crown Molding Foot

    Quickly cut crown and base moldings

    Cut crown and base molding in position using the SawGear® Crown Molding Foot. Replaces the stop bar foot that ships with SawGear®.