Horizontal and Vertical Angle Cutting 

The TigerAngle installation is designed for cutting materials such as wood, aluminum and PVC. The saw can cut horizontal and vertical angles and is automatically adjustable for easy, precise and fast production.
With this system, among other things, you can choose to enter the angles manually or using our software solution - Beamworks.

With Beamworks you can enter your product specifications, job lists or even complete projects into the computer and send them to the installation. Beamworks loads your current lists easily and is compatible with many other woodworking software. 

The TigerAngle has a worldwide base in industries such as:

  • Wood (pallets, packaging, timber factories, window frames, wood construction etc.)
  • Aluminum (sun screens, window frames etc.)
  • PVC
  • Metal industries (construction, fences etc.)

TigerAngle in Action!