TigerAngle Automated Compound Miter Saw System

    TigerAngle automated compound miter saw system for optimizing and nesting angled parts.

Cover all the angles.
Cutting angles, especially compound angels, is no one’s favorite job. Setting stops, settings angles, check and rechecking, what a waste of time! Instead of doing all that, you could be using TigerAngle™.

TigerAngle™, together with BeamWorks software, make it easy to design and cut custom compound miters and bevels. Just enter your parts and angles into BeamWorks, and let TigerStop®s powerful Dynamic Optimization™ nest the parts so that you will receive the maximum possible yield!

Beamworks can easily handle your data, even BIM files can be imported with ease. TigerAngle™ can be configured with one or two angled axes for either simple or compound miters.