Products at TigerStop - Automate your new or existing machinery with length positioning
TigerStop HD2 automated positioning system pushing a wood beam.

TigerStop Products:  Be Confident

TigerStop has over 20 years of proven use throughout all types of industries with the average TigerStop user having four units in their plant. With over 30,000 sold world wide, TigerStop is more than just a name, it’s a solution you can count on.

TigerStops Work With Your Existing Equipment

Super-charge any tool requiring accurate lineal positioning of material. Turn your existing tool into an automatic lean production machine. Its sleek design and low profile makes TigerStop easy to integrate with your existing equipment. TigerStop’s interface allows you to control your machines with a PC or PLC including fully automated solutions.

Rest Assured With TigerStop's Proven Reliability

We know your production equipment is mission-critical. We test our products using the same process that the military uses for their mission-critical electronics. “Halt/Hass Testing” of TigerStop by independent laboratories ensures continued long-term reliability. TigerStop ensures that you are up and running every day.

Built Metal Tough

Throughout our site, you will find products with TigerStop's "Built Metal Tough" logo.  These are products with features and durability that metal working shops and plants have come to expect from their equipment.  Does this mean that TigerStop's Built Metal Tough products are only good for metal applications?  Nah - in fact, they'll work anywhere you need a tough and durable system to position lots of material quickly and accurately.

TigerStop Has a Solution For Nearly All of Your Positioning Applications

Whether your looking for a simple and accurate stop for the shop and job site, or you need a monster system to handle structural steel with 0.008" (0.2mm) accuracy which you can control via a networked CAD system, TigerStop has the solution for you.

  Stop 120 lbs Max
720 lbs Max
840 lbs Max
2,100 lbs Max
Rip Fence
Panel Cross Cut

* with roller tables

Note on load capacities:  Max load capacities depend on pusher speed, tables, power, and other environmental factors.  The capacities quoted above may not be achievable at every installation.


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